Howdy, I'm Vikas 👋

My face

designer, developer, and visualizer Designer of modern software and hardware

Currently: Senior Hardware Designer @ Qualcomm

Who I am

Blocks of text suck, so here are some fast facts:

  • I was raised in Austin, Texas
  • I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2020 WHOOP
  • I graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a minor in Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Mathematics
  • I'm a full-stack hardware engineer - I have experience in analog design, digital manufacturing (circuit fabrication), digital design and validation, assembly language, kernel development, low-level languages (such as C and C++), and high level languages (such as PHP and JavaScript)
  • I like learning and making things
  • I watch a lot more YouTube and T.V. than I'd like to admit
  • I don't get to spend enough time enjoying life outside

What do I do?

  • Primary focus: Padring & TLMM
  • Design and Integration of next-gen SoC components
  • Hardware automation & scripting

Rate: 😉

About Qualcomm
  • Infrastructure maintenance & automation
  • Frontend engineering & performance
  • API security & design

Rate: Free!

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Consultation / Freelancing

Areas of Expertise:

  • Performance & Security
  • Automation
  • Ghost - setup, configuration, etc.

Rate: $60 / hr

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Guiding Principles

I believe that engineers should have foundational principles that drive their decision making. Mine include:

  • Security - nothing is 100% secure, but that doesn't mean you can settle for 70%
  • Performance - we live in the age of fast, nobody likes slow
  • Accessibility - design and implementation should be as inclusive as possible
  • Minimalism - let the core experience speak for itself. Bells and whistles should enhance the experience
  • Extensibility - design your product with the expectation that someone will try to modify it to make it work better for them
  • Happiness - do something that people will appreciate. I personally find happiness in creating and doing things that I know will have a positive societal impact